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September 24, 2010

its that time when one is overwhelmed with pressing issues that demands decisions to be made pronto.

a year in sweden?

change this writing space’s webname?

chop the hair even shorter? color it? straighten it?

continue doing my 1.5k word essay (which the target seems beyond my reach)?


sweden or not!?




September 10, 2010


The other night, I popped pills for my cramps and within the next 5 minutes, my eyes started to itch the crap out of me.

The next half hour, they swell up to a considerable size; like a family of bees decided that’s the place for their new nest.

And the next hour, the pain and itch combined can only be described by the word f**k.

Note to self:

#1. Always remember what happened when you eat NUROFEN.
(Just last month, the same thing happened to me, in a milder condition which only 1 eye swell up, but I forgot about that and allowed history to repeat itself.)

#2. Stay away from NUROFENNUROFENNUROFEN. Period.

#3. Never try to counter the allergy with TOO MANY other pills; the after effect sucks big time.

#4. Just remember #1 and #2 and #3 won’t happen.

Funny how i have taken it for years and only started to develop allergy to it recently.

Now, I feel weak just having the thought of eating any kind of pills.


~ W.rose


July 11, 2010


Just when I finally found a pair of stockings that can accommodate the butt, I ripped it the first time round.

Oh, and I thought I bought polka-dotted ones, but they ended up being heart-shaped when worn. whoops.

And yes, I love those shoes (which the boy calls as safari shoes for they look like those one can walk in the jungle with) so much that the soles are peeling off.

Watched Eclipse the other night and the vamps’ eye colors bothered me much.

Even went back to watching Twilight to figure it out.

So are their eyes black when they are thirsty and golden when they are fed?

Tell me, tell me.


Googled and found this:

“When the vampires are thirsty, their eyes are dark. The thirstier, the darker. The “vegetarian” vampires (those who drink only animal blood) have golden eyes when they are not thirsty.
The human blood drinkers have bright red eyes.”



July 10, 2010

Hongkong Partial Loots

Need to rant badly.

See that striped shirt on the bottom left?

It felt so soft and expensive when I first wore it…

BUT after one handwash, the blue color ran and is rough to the touch.




Anyways, my bestbuy from HK?

The mango bag that (I almost bought last year but didn’t due to the hefty pricetag) was on sale, and the most comfortable jeggings.





Am still mad at what happened to the shirt.


~ W.rose

to err is human. never use a pen.

May 26, 2010


What an irony to walk around in this tee and holding a pencil at work.


I never like making notes in ink; can’t even stand books with ink scribbles on.

Oh, when I mentioned work, I meant my summer internship!

Yeap, managed to clinch it on Saturday and everything was fast forward to Monday in which I commenced work at a productions house.

Still a greenhorn around hence not much responsibilities on hand, but with the office looking like a resort-spa, I get lethargic when I bummed around =X

Shall hope for a busy day tomorrow!

~ W.rose


April 6, 2010


Dressed up for spring (albeit living in a non-seasonal country);was practically a walking wallpaper in school today, haha.

Little one (the one with a cute black nose in the last photo) always find it intriguing when the sister is taking outfit shots of me.

Yet, she hates being photographed. If the flash is turned on, she will mistake it as lightning and shiver (literally).

Yeap, she’s astraphobic; major nutcase whenever it rains =(

~ W.rose


April 1, 2010

It has been awhile since photos of myself surfaced on this space. Haha.

The usual high-waisted + my first attempt with an asymmetrical top.

Perhaps it was because of watching “Taken” yesternight and the Parisian scenes that were shot itched me into having a french title for this post. I dropped French last year as I suck at listening, but I have never given up on it.

Note to self: Pick it up again after graduation.

GAH, my stomach is so stretched from binge eating at Ikea.

On a happier note, school will be out in 2 wks; then it’ll be exams and I’m a free kid.

Bonne chance to myself before that!



March 6, 2010


Just the other day, “Titanic” was shown on Channel5, but I missed it =(

This film is and will be in my favorites for as long as I can remember how much I love it.

Not because I’m obsessed with LeoDicarpio (my boy is) or KateWinslet, but I love it for the era it was depicted in and the old-film cruise settings; beautifully haunted by the eerie underwater scene with the broken doll and the massive amount of floating frozen dead bodies and best of all, gripped by the fact that studio settings (most of it) could conjure so much realism into me when I watched it back in the 1997.

For a film I like very much, I will definitely catch the making-of or behind-the-scenes if they are available.

And 13 years later, I can still feel the same intensity I felt back then.


But funny how I never own a DVD of it.

Alrights, I can see some are rolling your eyes and thinking out loud that how great could Titanic be when it was only about a woman being drawn naked, had sex in a carriage,  the ship hitting an iceberg, and the lead actor died.”


*Gives the finger*


Blabbered enough, back to work!

~ W.rose

permanent guests.

February 13, 2010

May I present to you my first guest (and a permanent one) who very willingly graced this space for me:




My hot girlfriend I must say =)

If you can tell, she’s the sun-lover whereas I’ll shun it as much as I can. Haha

Oh and because of her, I can now have more full shots!


As the lace dress is too long for my liking, I cinched it up with the vintage belt I bought awhile back.

BUT it’s a tad too tight for me and it was eating into my skin whenever I sat down =X

Sigh, the price of beauty.


A mini appearance from the other girlfriend.

Her outfits will be up the next time; so very excited =)


A pretty long day as I went roaming the streets with the boy and only managed to dine in at 11pm.

Oh and I’m feeling cranky over a couple of bad attitudes being pulled on me today. HMMPF.

Should sleep it off, need to be awake at 5am.

~ W.rose


February 10, 2010


(psst… if you think the 3rd image looks like my hip just went up a size, that’s due to the weird camera angle my impatient sister used while taking this shot. I wish I have a personal photographer =X)

I must be crazy to want to wear black in such a humid february.

But that seemed to be an instinctive choice for the past few days each time I opened the wardrobe.


I finally revealed this space to my two beloved!

Let me explain why I did not earlier.

First,  I felt that I wasn’t such an active writer as I want myself to be hence there isn’t much to be look at over here.

Second, I guess I tend to always over think things to the point that I forgot they are the ones who won’t judge me for what I like.

So, kisses to you, C and D.

~ W.rose