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Of dust and fur.

February 7, 2008

Some last minute spring cleaning opens up more “treasures” that were hidden around the little humble house.

*Flipping through those yellow pages*





A library book from primary school, which I have no idea why its been buried underneath the dust for decades =)




February 4, 2008

Spring cleaning a while back brought back nostalgia.

buttonsthread parade


She used to be a seamstress,

working on the singer day and long.

Just one day, she ran away.

Saying no words, leaving nothing,  I thought.

Yet, she left me these.



February 3, 2008

If only I could flip a coin,

Life’s just about head and tail.

If only impecunious never came,

I would pay by cheque.  

If only I’m an octupus,

I could sew and draw. 



She’s a squirrel.

February 1, 2008

Remember once upon a time, I mentioned something lovely coming my way?



Its Brother’s XL-2220, $169. Daddy and sisters all chipped in after much persuasion from yours truly. Haha. Yes, its considered the most basic machine among the other models, but as a newcomer, I supposed this will do just fine for beginners’ crafting =) 

Charlie bought the exact same model, and before the machine even starts churning, I’ve already got myself a sewing-buddy!

The foot presser can be very taxing to my legs I must say. I also cant seem to be able to get the momentum right. Plus the workload at school, this lovely thing has been under the dark for too long.

 Note to self: Stop procrastinating and start some serious sewing.