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July 25, 2010


Had a series of celebrations for the day I was born.

Beautiful people + beautiful surprises make getting a year older so much better.

~ W.rose


July 11, 2010


Just when I finally found a pair of stockings that can accommodate the butt, I ripped it the first time round.

Oh, and I thought I bought polka-dotted ones, but they ended up being heart-shaped when worn. whoops.

And yes, I love those shoes (which the boy calls as safari shoes for they look like those one can walk in the jungle with) so much that the soles are peeling off.

Watched Eclipse the other night and the vamps’ eye colors bothered me much.

Even went back to watching Twilight to figure it out.

So are their eyes black when they are thirsty and golden when they are fed?

Tell me, tell me.


Googled and found this:

“When the vampires are thirsty, their eyes are dark. The thirstier, the darker. The “vegetarian” vampires (those who drink only animal blood) have golden eyes when they are not thirsty.
The human blood drinkers have bright red eyes.”



July 10, 2010

Hongkong Partial Loots

Need to rant badly.

See that striped shirt on the bottom left?

It felt so soft and expensive when I first wore it…

BUT after one handwash, the blue color ran and is rough to the touch.




Anyways, my bestbuy from HK?

The mango bag that (I almost bought last year but didn’t due to the hefty pricetag) was on sale, and the most comfortable jeggings.





Am still mad at what happened to the shirt.


~ W.rose

till we meet again.

July 5, 2010

~ W.rose

put on some pants.

July 4, 2010


A week ago I was in the Pearl of the Orient (HongKong) where everywhere I went, Cantonese was in the air.

Now I’m back and deprived of hearing it.

And of course, the morning dim sum is missed too.

It’s just too great to be back.