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March 26, 2010

*P.s. click on video if there’s error in playing it.

Caroline.B always has the lovely treats.

Abstractions of real life photos into illustrations never fail to tickles my heart, especially so for one lacking greatly in the creative outlet.


~ W.rose


all the right colors.

March 24, 2010

via refinery29

Been pretty immobile the past few days, and I’m ┬ádreaming dreams of the weirdest kind.


A white tee-dress from Korea came in the mail yesterday, but was sent for alteration as I felt the length was too long for my liking.

I foresee that showing some skin (my legs’) may be a thing of a past for me soon (especially when I hop on the working bandwagon), hence I have enough reasons to want to wear some short dresses, no?

Shall show you all soon once I collect it from the shop tomorrow!

~ W.rose

twin alert!

March 14, 2010


Just when I have set my eyes on the clubmaster, I chanced upon F21’s version of it.

USD145 vs USD5.80!!!

Of course, the logo and materials will definitely make the price worthy.

What you say?


falling for…

March 13, 2010

::BurberryCoat::RaybanClubmaster:: (via refinery29 & ray-ban)

::SymtheWoolequestrianblazer::F21Peeptoebootieslingbacks:: (via net-a-porter & F21)

::LibertylondonTargetbike::SuYoonheels:: (via refinery29 & Fashioncopious)

Lusting over these right now.

Wish I am somewhere cold where the trench coat comes into use and wish school is near where I can ride those lovelies to.



March 6, 2010


Just the other day, “Titanic” was shown on Channel5, but I missed it =(

This film is and will be in my favorites for as long as I can remember how much I love it.

Not because I’m obsessed with LeoDicarpio (my boy is) or KateWinslet, but I love it for the era it was depicted in and the old-film cruise settings;┬ábeautifully haunted by the eerie underwater scene with the broken doll and the massive amount of floating frozen dead bodies and best of all, gripped by the fact that studio settings (most of it) could conjure so much realism into me when I watched it back in the 1997.

For a film I like very much, I will definitely catch the making-of or behind-the-scenes if they are available.

And 13 years later, I can still feel the same intensity I felt back then.


But funny how I never own a DVD of it.

Alrights, I can see some are rolling your eyes and thinking out loud that how great could Titanic be when it was only about a woman being drawn naked, had sex in a carriage, ┬áthe ship hitting an iceberg, and the lead actor died.”


*Gives the finger*


Blabbered enough, back to work!

~ W.rose


March 1, 2010

via refinery29

MiranderKerr (source unknown)

1) Really love the chanel-esque neck-strap on the camera!

2) The dress on Miranda; sexy yet not OTT in all the right parts. And she’s the VS super model, what’s not to love =)

Alright, just wanted to share some love, ciao!

~ W.rose