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to err is human. never use a pen.

May 26, 2010


What an irony to walk around in this tee and holding a pencil at work.


I never like making notes in ink; can’t even stand books with ink scribbles on.

Oh, when I mentioned work, I meant my summer internship!

Yeap, managed to clinch it on Saturday and everything was fast forward to Monday in which I commenced work at a productions house.

Still a greenhorn around hence not much responsibilities on hand, but with the office looking like a resort-spa, I get lethargic when I bummed around =X

Shall hope for a busy day tomorrow!

~ W.rose


May 18, 2010

Resort 10'

Spring 10'

Favorites from Spring 10'

These made me want to throw out and replace all the garments in the wardrobe, pronto.

I can envision so many of these outfits going through personal emulations.

Seeing VenaCava’s collections just made me realize how much I procrastinate, which later led to me forgetting I had toyed with the thought of pinning a bow to a striped bodycon before..

So, the 2 inspirational pieces are what the eyes will be scouting for in the next shopping trip. Cannot wait to get give the body some turquoise and lengthy flowy garments =)

Anyways, being busy hunting for internships to occupy myself this summerbreak.

Hope to get this strike off the agenda asap.


Ok, off to catch up on gossipgirl!

~ W.rose