permanent guests.

May I present to you my first guest (and a permanent one) who very willingly graced this space for me:




My hot girlfriend I must say =)

If you can tell, she’s the sun-lover whereas I’ll shun it as much as I can. Haha

Oh and because of her, I can now have more full shots!


As the lace dress is too long for my liking, I cinched it up with the vintage belt I bought awhile back.

BUT it’s a tad too tight for me and it was eating into my skin whenever I sat down =X

Sigh, the price of beauty.


A mini appearance from the other girlfriend.

Her outfits will be up the next time; so very excited =)


A pretty long day as I went roaming the streets with the boy and only managed to dine in at 11pm.

Oh and I’m feeling cranky over a couple of bad attitudes being pulled on me today. HMMPF.

Should sleep it off, need to be awake at 5am.

~ W.rose


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