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Shattered mirrors.

December 18, 2008

I used to be obsessed with it. 

I would drowned myself with novels about it, googled it, dreamt of it, craved for it. 

It was to the point of yearning the possibility of the impossible. 

Draining me, drip by drip. 

As I aged, it slowly fades off, as though it no longer can keep up with my aging. Not wanting to really forget me, it locked itself away deep inside me. 

It was so latent that I almost already forgot my past affair with it. 

Yet, tonight, that strange feeling of allure to it rekindles. 

It roused back to life; into my life. 

With you clouding up my mind.

I used to know you so well. 

– P.



December 5, 2008

Mini flashback: 

During studyweek, when a east-sider meets a west-sider, I had to bring her to Simpang.

Nora =)

Nora =)

Yet another simpang kitty.

Yet another simpang kitty.

which doesn't fancy fries.

which doesn't fancy fries.


The machine came to live (again) to keep myself sane during this semester break:

Pinkpanther for Jo and myself!

Pinkpanther for Jo


Goldenleopard for Jl


Colorburst for Ke

Trix for Sx

Trix for Sx

Wrinkledrose was changed to wrinkledwinkle because…

Charlie and I are hatching a plan. 

*Crosses fingers*

Please, let it brew.
Let it brew strong and well.

~ wrinkledrose