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February 27, 2010


Was hanging out with the boy & decided to entertain myself with my mac’s photobooth while he busied with his work.

Definitely not of good quality (esp when the tilted screen blew my hips out of proportion!).

Ok, got to run and start on my readings.



~ W.rose

happiness, it’s time for a holiday.

February 21, 2010

And as promised, here’s Charlie, my other lovely lady!


Awesomely beautiful, and she’s always the one who manages to dig out precious thrifts!

*envious much*

Need to bug her to bring us to one of those hidden thrift shops these days.



I’m liking the old-film effect on photos very much and have been fooling around with it, but I still don’t think I have achieve it right just yet.

Perhaps Cherryblossomgirl is the right person to go to for tips =)

~ W.rose

May ladyluck be with me.

February 17, 2010

I have always chance upon countless of fashion blog giveaways and very often, I give them a miss, mostly due to the contest not open to Singapore, or that I just squirm away; doubting my own luck.

However, over at Caroline’s, the 14 looks put together by her are simply hard for me to squirm away!

Here’s my pick:

Had struggled between this and the one with the lindex skirt but Ginatricot’s pocket tee and anything from H&M prevail all!

I should win because…

I do not have access to the brands modeled here, especially H&M(!!) and this look is just perfect for me – I’m a jacket +tee+treggings girl =)

Oh and does never winning anything online before counts??

So dearest Caroline, be my ladyluck and let me have my virgin win, thank you in advance =)

To try your luck at your favorite look, go to now!


permanent guests.

February 13, 2010

May I present to you my first guest (and a permanent one) who very willingly graced this space for me:




My hot girlfriend I must say =)

If you can tell, she’s the sun-lover whereas I’ll shun it as much as I can. Haha

Oh and because of her, I can now have more full shots!


As the lace dress is too long for my liking, I cinched it up with the vintage belt I bought awhile back.

BUT it’s a tad too tight for me and it was eating into my skin whenever I sat down =X

Sigh, the price of beauty.


A mini appearance from the other girlfriend.

Her outfits will be up the next time; so very excited =)


A pretty long day as I went roaming the streets with the boy and only managed to dine in at 11pm.

Oh and I’m feeling cranky over a couple of bad attitudes being pulled on me today. HMMPF.

Should sleep it off, need to be awake at 5am.

~ W.rose


February 10, 2010

via Hanneli

~ W.rose


February 10, 2010


(psst… if you think the 3rd image looks like my hip just went up a size, that’s due to the weird camera angle my impatient sister used while taking this shot. I wish I have a personal photographer =X)

I must be crazy to want to wear black in such a humid february.

But that seemed to be an instinctive choice for the past few days each time I opened the wardrobe.


I finally revealed this space to my two beloved!

Let me explain why I did not earlier.

First,  I felt that I wasn’t such an active writer as I want myself to be hence there isn’t much to be look at over here.

Second, I guess I tend to always over think things to the point that I forgot they are the ones who won’t judge me for what I like.

So, kisses to you, C and D.

~ W.rose

of Hachi, floral, stripes and skull.

February 8, 2010

Caught Hachiko with the beloved 2 girlfriends and cried our sockets out.

As compared to Marley&me, this has that essence of truth and “magick” in it, that made audiences delve deeper into the story.

Also, the web has been really great to my eyes by pampering them with beautifuls like these:

(via tangentmag)

via caroline.b of stockholmstreetstyle

Vanities- Floralskullbracelet

I didn’t expect to flood in so many images in one post, but I just can’t resist  not sharing them.

I’m really skipping with joy when I saw the skullbracelet for it can be a potential diy task, perhaps a belt instead.

I have so many diytreats in mind, but just never got the time and heart to sit my butt down and really do them.

Slap me for all talks and no movement.


~ W.rose

heykittykitty, shameonyou.

February 3, 2010


For the first time, it was taken by the boy! Hence, I finally got a full shot, complete with bag and shoes =)

To make up for the lack of posts, here are some kitty love:


~ W.rose