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December 30, 2009


ASOS - Siwy Sophie Wanderlust Denim Lycra Mix Jeans

I’m seeing a lot of potential in mixed-fabric clothings: +lycra, +leather, +lace etcetc.¬†So many possibilities of combinations with denim.

And I must agree, denim is timeless style.

It is hardy, versatile and fits all ages (jeans are a staple in my dad’s wardrobe!).

Speaking of which, I have yet to acidwash a couple of my jeans, and 09′ is ending..

Procrastination kills.

P.s. It’s the long-awaited end of 09′ holiday month, hence the awkward ugly gap in this writingspace, Apologies!



that twig in life.

December 21, 2009

into pandora.

December 20, 2009

Avatar is by far the best (and that is still an understatement!) movie I caught this year.

It’s a whole new world that I think I have yet to absorb fully, so I’ll gladly watch it again!

Very much in love with the glowing luminescence seen in the night of Pandora; purple and green never look so great.


And yes, I was glad I wore something as bright as Pandora is!

~ W.rose


December 19, 2009

I’m decked out in thailandthrifts!

Also, as mentioned previously, I just started tumblr-ing, and oh my, it suits me so well for its morevisual, lesstext style.

Go to my tumblr to see images not posted here.

~ W.rose

into the blues.

December 18, 2009

If you remember… I posted¬†this denim shirt which simply blew me away,

and (perhaps) I found the exact same one!

Hence, I attempted a seemingly familiar pose. Haha

Of course, the indoor lightings are definitely losing out to the au-naturel beauty of the sun the photo possessed =)

P.S. I am on a ring-craze right now.


I secretly enjoy paparazi shot:

~ W.rose


December 16, 2009
::UO Silence & Noise Lace Sleeve Bodysuit::UO Lace Lace-Ups::F21 Parlor Lace Shorts::NastyGal Lace Power Shoulder Jacket::

::UO Silence & Noise Lace Sleeve Bodysuit::UO Lace Lace-Ups::F21 Parlor Lace Shorts::NastyGal Lace Power Shoulder Jacket::

I need that lace shorts PRONTO!

~ W.rose


December 14, 2009

Thanks to didi, I just started a tumblr acct!

Also, does anyone knows how to remove paint stains (wall paint) from denim shorts?

I found a pair of vintage denim shorts in mintgreen, but it was sadly blemished by white paint.

Really hope to salvage it; so many possible pairings to go with it!

~ W.rose

Post-holiday fever.

December 13, 2009

Just returned from an awesome relaxing trip in Thailand (Pattaya + Bangkok).

The boy and I are already hatching plans to the famed Maya Bay in PhiPhi island next June.

P.s. I guessed this trip to Pattaya had gotten me a tad hooked onto water sports (Jetskiing + Parasailingg)!

Shall blabber more if I find the time.

In the meantime, gotta go take care of the sick boy who received a goodbye gift from Bangkok…foodpoisoning =X



December 2, 2009



Wore these out for 2012 (minus the shoes, bag and blazer).

Also, pardon me for the long hiatus!

Exams (albeit tough) were over, and I got jetted off to Penang by themother right after mylastpaper!


this blackbeauty is finally mine!


Still fiddling around with the functions, and as of now, I’m a happy snapper!

~ W.rose