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October 4, 2010

changes are inevitable. they are the ones that make life less mundane. they are the cheap thrills in life.

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July 11, 2010


Just when I finally found a pair of stockings that can accommodate the butt, I ripped it the first time round.

Oh, and I thought I bought polka-dotted ones, but they ended up being heart-shaped when worn. whoops.

And yes, I love those shoes (which the boy calls as safari shoes for they look like those one can walk in the jungle with) so much that the soles are peeling off.

Watched Eclipse the other night and the vamps’ eye colors bothered me much.

Even went back to watching Twilight to figure it out.

So are their eyes black when they are thirsty and golden when they are fed?

Tell me, tell me.


Googled and found this:

“When the vampires are thirsty, their eyes are dark. The thirstier, the darker. The “vegetarian” vampires (those who drink only animal blood) have golden eyes when they are not thirsty.
The human blood drinkers have bright red eyes.”


to err is human. never use a pen.

May 26, 2010


What an irony to walk around in this tee and holding a pencil at work.


I never like making notes in ink; can’t even stand books with ink scribbles on.

Oh, when I mentioned work, I meant my summer internship!

Yeap, managed to clinch it on Saturday and everything was fast forward to Monday in which I commenced work at a productions house.

Still a greenhorn around hence not much responsibilities on hand, but with the office looking like a resort-spa, I get lethargic when I bummed around =X

Shall hope for a busy day tomorrow!

~ W.rose


May 18, 2010

Resort 10'

Spring 10'

Favorites from Spring 10'

These made me want to throw out and replace all the garments in the wardrobe, pronto.

I can envision so many of these outfits going through personal emulations.

Seeing VenaCava’s collections just made me realize how much I procrastinate, which later led to me forgetting I had toyed with the thought of pinning a bow to a striped bodycon before..

So, the 2 inspirational pieces are what the eyes will be scouting for in the next shopping trip. Cannot wait to get give the body some turquoise and lengthy flowy garments =)

Anyways, being busy hunting for internships to occupy myself this summerbreak.

Hope to get this strike off the agenda asap.


Ok, off to catch up on gossipgirl!

~ W.rose


April 26, 2010

The title says it all.

But not because majority says so too.

But because I always enjoy a film that manages to have you glued to the screen to the very credits scroll, with just a simple script.

Oh, and also because I have a fetish for female counterparts who can fight damm pretty well.

And the soundtracks are strange in an awesome way.

Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu – Ennio Morricone

Long hiatus for its the exam week.

Goodluck to myself.

~ W.rose

happiness, it’s time for a holiday.

February 21, 2010

And as promised, here’s Charlie, my other lovely lady!


Awesomely beautiful, and she’s always the one who manages to dig out precious thrifts!

*envious much*

Need to bug her to bring us to one of those hidden thrift shops these days.



I’m liking the old-film effect on photos very much and have been fooling around with it, but I still don’t think I have achieve it right just yet.

Perhaps Cherryblossomgirl is the right person to go to for tips =)

~ W.rose

heykittykitty, shameonyou.

February 3, 2010


For the first time, it was taken by the boy! Hence, I finally got a full shot, complete with bag and shoes =)

To make up for the lack of posts, here are some kitty love:


~ W.rose

go manual.

November 9, 2009



This christmas…

I want a rose-pink typewriter!

~ W.rose


April 22, 2009

The freezer’s been stacked up with ice cream these days; temperature is soaring as high as 34deg!
Urgh, fucktard weather. I’m sunny-phobic.

Anyways, the best thing to keep you by the desk and books till 6 in the morning?

A quick perk of caffeine from a FLORAL mug.

A quick perk of caffeine from a FLORAL mug.

not forgetting a FLORAL pen that doesn't-write-well-but-i-don't-care =)

not forgetting a FLORAL pen that doesn't-write-well-but-i-don't-care =)

and with itunes radio playing at the background, I’m actually psyching myself quite well in obliterating bitterness with sweet moments.

On a random note, was at KL Pavilion a few wks back,

It didn’t look like that in reality, it went all the way to my knees, and was really slouchy. HAHA

If only.


hit refresh.

March 12, 2009

Earlier, I was texting di about my love analogy based on tech terms towards those rotten-maggots-beneath-their-potato-bulk. 

Delete it. Never refresh that same page. Open a new window. 

Perhaps I need to hit my refresh button or at least open a new tab; must-kill-mundanity. 


Maybe poppin’ muscle-relaxant will help.