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January 28, 2010

via refinery29

I love how the world still has  awesome people who amaze me with their creative juices!

A feeling this isn’t going to just stop at branding fashion labels, you think?

(click on the image to read more)

Oh, and since we are on the topic of Chanel:

via stockholmstreetstyle

Am never a fan of the traditional quilted styles, and finally this caught my eye which makes me a Chanel fan overnight.

Let me stare at it for awhile more…

~ W.rose



January 18, 2010

Finally got my hands legs on these printed denim leggings! Topshop was having sale =)


I need to get one size larger for bottoms for my behind is pretty *ahem* well-endowed (instead of getting more up the chest).

And I’m proud of that fact!

I have been living with humble boobs and meatyass for the past 21yrs, so what’s with the next few decades?

So I say, love your body beautifuls!

Oh, and some recent vintage finds:

A vintage sunflower ring (from German(!) as told by the shopkeeper) and a golden waist belt.

Hmm.. have no idea why the photos for this post turn out sub-standardly =X

~ W.rose


January 16, 2010

My trusty creativezen (i know, no one uses that now, but the boy gave it to me 3 yrs back) decided to leave without a goodbye, and after much deliberation (and peer influence), I gave in to itouch.


Was so adamant in not getting swarmed by the iphone/touch trend, but I got to admit it is the best choice available to me. I did not wish to compromise quality music with other brands out there.

Anyways, enough of gadget rants.

Give me some of these!

Target Lookbook 2010

via Stockholmstreetstyle


via StyleSightings

~ W.rose

be healthy and laugh.

January 14, 2010


It has been awhile!

I laughed a lot today, and I like it.

I should not be here right now for I need to be up at 7 soon, and I am so NOT good at waking up.

~ W.rose

beautifulowls, and then a dead one.

January 12, 2010

The need to be away was so strong that I just had to skip town again, hence the stagnation over here for the past week.

But that bubble always has to pop, and the wish to be a tourist forever is once again impeded by life most mundane yet basic realities.

one day, I will run away, just like you did.

~ W.rose