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July 11, 2010


Just when I finally found a pair of stockings that can accommodate the butt, I ripped it the first time round.

Oh, and I thought I bought polka-dotted ones, but they ended up being heart-shaped when worn. whoops.

And yes, I love those shoes (which the boy calls as safari shoes for they look like those one can walk in the jungle with) so much that the soles are peeling off.

Watched Eclipse the other night and the vamps’ eye colors bothered me much.

Even went back to watching Twilight to figure it out.

So are their eyes black when they are thirsty and golden when they are fed?

Tell me, tell me.


Googled and found this:

“When the vampires are thirsty, their eyes are dark. The thirstier, the darker. The “vegetarian” vampires (those who drink only animal blood) have golden eyes when they are not thirsty.
The human blood drinkers have bright red eyes.”



April 26, 2010

The title says it all.

But not because majority says so too.

But because I always enjoy a film that manages to have you glued to the screen to the very credits scroll, with just a simple script.

Oh, and also because I have a fetish for female counterparts who can fight damm pretty well.

And the soundtracks are strange in an awesome way.

Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu – Ennio Morricone

Long hiatus for its the exam week.

Goodluck to myself.

~ W.rose

denim. not.

April 3, 2010



Caught “Clash of the Titans” the night before. The story was told a tad too fast and seemingly only speaking to those who caught the old version e.g. what’s with the owl??
The only reason I would bother catching it again would be to look out for Agyness Deyn the next time round; she played the role of Aphrodite in it.
Where was she?!
Also, in case you are thinking, the jacket is made of cotton, not denim =)
It’s so much lighter to wear, especially over here in Sg.
~ W.rose


March 6, 2010


Just the other day, “Titanic” was shown on Channel5, but I missed it =(

This film is and will be in my favorites for as long as I can remember how much I love it.

Not because I’m obsessed with LeoDicarpio (my boy is) or KateWinslet, but I love it for the era it was depicted in and the old-film cruise settings; beautifully haunted by the eerie underwater scene with the broken doll and the massive amount of floating frozen dead bodies and best of all, gripped by the fact that studio settings (most of it) could conjure so much realism into me when I watched it back in the 1997.

For a film I like very much, I will definitely catch the making-of or behind-the-scenes if they are available.

And 13 years later, I can still feel the same intensity I felt back then.


But funny how I never own a DVD of it.

Alrights, I can see some are rolling your eyes and thinking out loud that how great could Titanic be when it was only about a woman being drawn naked, had sex in a carriage,  the ship hitting an iceberg, and the lead actor died.”


*Gives the finger*


Blabbered enough, back to work!

~ W.rose

of Hachi, floral, stripes and skull.

February 8, 2010

Caught Hachiko with the beloved 2 girlfriends and cried our sockets out.

As compared to Marley&me, this has that essence of truth and “magick” in it, that made audiences delve deeper into the story.

Also, the web has been really great to my eyes by pampering them with beautifuls like these:

(via tangentmag)

via caroline.b of stockholmstreetstyle

Vanities- Floralskullbracelet

I didn’t expect to flood in so many images in one post, but I just can’t resist  not sharing them.

I’m really skipping with joy when I saw the skullbracelet for it can be a potential diy task, perhaps a belt instead.

I have so many diytreats in mind, but just never got the time and heart to sit my butt down and really do them.

Slap me for all talks and no movement.


~ W.rose

into pandora.

December 20, 2009

Avatar is by far the best (and that is still an understatement!) movie I caught this year.

It’s a whole new world that I think I have yet to absorb fully, so I’ll gladly watch it again!

Very much in love with the glowing luminescence seen in the night of Pandora; purple and green never look so great.


And yes, I was glad I wore something as bright as Pandora is!

~ W.rose


November 18, 2009


In the meantime, love these snaps.


from Facehunter

from Tangent

from Tangent

from Tangent

Hanneli - Pinklips

Hanneli - Pinklips

Getting a denim shirt and pinklippy of that shade are now in my shopping list when I fly next week!

On a scarier note,

I caught ParanormalActivity; and now the light decided to flicker at close to 3am.


~ W.rose



September 27, 2009


So yesterday, the busybee took time off and caught Inglourious Basterds with the boy:

Picture 22

I was trying not to refer to the subtitles to test my listening on french once again… but just as expected, I failed.
Simple ones like trèsbien, merci beaucoup etc are easy to catch, but once they all start to blabber in machinegun speed, I’m lost.


Anyways, I personally like:

Til Schweiger as Oberfeldwebel Hugo Stiglitz

Til Schweiger as Oberfeldwebel Hugo Stiglitz

Mélanie Laurent as Shoshanna Dreyfus

Mélanie Laurent as Shoshanna Dreyfus

A pity both ended up dead =X

Bradpitt was darn well good with his accent in the show, but I felt he wasn’t as basterd enough as the others.
DianaKruger was pretty, as always.

Quentin’s display of scalp-slicing,  skull-bashing, and just plain lot of blood infused with subtle humor made my day.
Nothing really much to fuss about.
très bien, très bien.

~ W.rose