Just the other day, “Titanic” was shown on Channel5, but I missed it =(

This film is and will be in my favorites for as long as I can remember how much I love it.

Not because I’m obsessed with LeoDicarpio (my boy is) or KateWinslet, but I love it for the era it was depicted in and the old-film cruise settings; beautifully haunted by the eerie underwater scene with the broken doll and the massive amount of floating frozen dead bodies and best of all, gripped by the fact that studio settings (most of it) could conjure so much realism into me when I watched it back in the 1997.

For a film I like very much, I will definitely catch the making-of or behind-the-scenes if they are available.

And 13 years later, I can still feel the same intensity I felt back then.


But funny how I never own a DVD of it.

Alrights, I can see some are rolling your eyes and thinking out loud that how great could Titanic be when it was only about a woman being drawn naked, had sex in a carriage,  the ship hitting an iceberg, and the lead actor died.”


*Gives the finger*


Blabbered enough, back to work!

~ W.rose


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