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think I think like a man.

August 28, 2010

::source unknown::

Flooded with assignments; only 3 weeks into school.





June 3, 2010



Runway shows may be glamorous, but nonpareil streetstyle is the only outlet for what’s real on ordinary and unique individuals.

The eyes are currently biased towards neutrals, hence those inspiring nudes as seen above.

The camera’s overseas right now with the sister, so no outfit posts! (and I’m pretty much worn out when I return from work =X)

Need. To. Be. A. Normal. Human. ASAP. and start walking the streets in the day and laying in bed at night.

~ W.rose


April 12, 2010

via stockholmstreetstyle

via refinery29

The next trendy bandwagon to hop on is to have:

Fresh flowers playing peek-a-boo in your bag!

P.s. Thanks to the brilliant photographer (does anyone knows who is behind the lens??) of stockholmstreetstyle; I can’t seem to stop staring at my desktop wallpaper now =)

Pssst…last week of school!



all the right colors.

March 24, 2010

via refinery29

Been pretty immobile the past few days, and I’m  dreaming dreams of the weirdest kind.


A white tee-dress from Korea came in the mail yesterday, but was sent for alteration as I felt the length was too long for my liking.

I foresee that showing some skin (my legs’) may be a thing of a past for me soon (especially when I hop on the working bandwagon), hence I have enough reasons to want to wear some short dresses, no?

Shall show you all soon once I collect it from the shop tomorrow!

~ W.rose

twin alert!

March 14, 2010


Just when I have set my eyes on the clubmaster, I chanced upon F21’s version of it.

USD145 vs USD5.80!!!

Of course, the logo and materials will definitely make the price worthy.

What you say?


falling for…

March 13, 2010

::BurberryCoat::RaybanClubmaster:: (via refinery29 & ray-ban)

::SymtheWoolequestrianblazer::F21Peeptoebootieslingbacks:: (via net-a-porter & F21)

::LibertylondonTargetbike::SuYoonheels:: (via refinery29 & Fashioncopious)

Lusting over these right now.

Wish I am somewhere cold where the trench coat comes into use and wish school is near where I can ride those lovelies to.



March 1, 2010

via refinery29

MiranderKerr (source unknown)

1) Really love the chanel-esque neck-strap on the camera!

2) The dress on Miranda; sexy yet not OTT in all the right parts. And she’s the VS super model, what’s not to love =)

Alright, just wanted to share some love, ciao!

~ W.rose

May ladyluck be with me.

February 17, 2010

I have always chance upon countless of fashion blog giveaways and very often, I give them a miss, mostly due to the contest not open to Singapore, or that I just squirm away; doubting my own luck.

However, over at Caroline’s, the 14 looks put together by her are simply hard for me to squirm away!

Here’s my pick:

Had struggled between this and the one with the lindex skirt but Ginatricot’s pocket tee and anything from H&M prevail all!

I should win because…

I do not have access to the brands modeled here, especially H&M(!!) and this look is just perfect for me – I’m a jacket +tee+treggings girl =)

Oh and does never winning anything online before counts??

So dearest Caroline, be my ladyluck and let me have my virgin win, thank you in advance =)

To try your luck at your favorite look, go to now!


of Hachi, floral, stripes and skull.

February 8, 2010

Caught Hachiko with the beloved 2 girlfriends and cried our sockets out.

As compared to Marley&me, this has that essence of truth and “magick” in it, that made audiences delve deeper into the story.

Also, the web has been really great to my eyes by pampering them with beautifuls like these:

(via tangentmag)

via caroline.b of stockholmstreetstyle

Vanities- Floralskullbracelet

I didn’t expect to flood in so many images in one post, but I just can’t resist  not sharing them.

I’m really skipping with joy when I saw the skullbracelet for it can be a potential diy task, perhaps a belt instead.

I have so many diytreats in mind, but just never got the time and heart to sit my butt down and really do them.

Slap me for all talks and no movement.


~ W.rose


January 16, 2010

My trusty creativezen (i know, no one uses that now, but the boy gave it to me 3 yrs back) decided to leave without a goodbye, and after much deliberation (and peer influence), I gave in to itouch.


Was so adamant in not getting swarmed by the iphone/touch trend, but I got to admit it is the best choice available to me. I did not wish to compromise quality music with other brands out there.

Anyways, enough of gadget rants.

Give me some of these!

Target Lookbook 2010

via Stockholmstreetstyle


via StyleSightings

~ W.rose