Runway shows may be glamorous, but nonpareil streetstyle is the only outlet for what’s real on ordinary and unique individuals.

The eyes are currently biased towards neutrals, hence those inspiring nudes as seen above.

The camera’s overseas right now with the sister, so no outfit posts! (and I’m pretty much worn out when I return from work =X)

Need. To. Be. A. Normal. Human. ASAP. and start walking the streets in the day and laying in bed at night.

~ W.rose


5 Responses to “streetwalkers.”

  1. Peach City Style Says:

    The guitar lady’s outfit is awesome 😉

  2. Leslee Says:

    Great pics, all these are very inspirational.

  3. Lily Irwin Says:

    I loveee the girl’s style in the second picture..incredible x

  4. Shin Says:

    Beautiful girls!! Love the second girl in the picture!! xxoxoxo

  5. Yaary Says:

    i really love this type of photos..i absolutely love streetstyle!

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