May ladyluck be with me.

I have always chance upon countless of fashion blog giveaways and very often, I give them a miss, mostly due to the contest not open to Singapore, or that I just squirm away; doubting my own luck.

However, over at Caroline’s, the 14 looks put together by her are simply hard for me to squirm away!

Here’s my pick:

Had struggled between this and the one with the lindex skirt but Ginatricot’s pocket tee and anything from H&M prevail all!

I should win because…

I do not have access to the brands modeled here, especially H&M(!!) and this look is just perfect for me – I’m a jacket +tee+treggings girl =)

Oh and does never winning anything online before counts??

So dearest Caroline, be my ladyluck and let me have my virgin win, thank you in advance =)

To try your luck at your favorite look, go to now!



2 Responses to “May ladyluck be with me.”

  1. MJ Says:

    I love that you said virgin win!

    H&M genuinely is amazing. I am so lucky that every country I have lived in has their stores! Don’t worry! One day they’ll come to their senses and open some in Singapore 🙂

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