Picture 2Picture 3From YvanRodic – In the favorite Rose pink + LV! *Hyperventilates*

Picture 6From Karla’sCloset – Despite the lack of a fullshot, I love the pairing of this shorts/cullotes/skirt(?) with billowing-sleeved top.


Picture 4From YvanRodic – First, I saw her prettyface, next I saw her hair. I’m inspired to wear this style out to school next week! Especially when the hair is getting so rowdy these days; need a haircut..

So, fucktober (*oops, ignore me if you have a phobic to crudeterms!) is finally over!
The eyes and brain were awake for a 50hrs straight, but  thanks to mr.steroid(took it for my tonsillitis), I was able to walk the day without any mishaps, albeit being cranky.

I smell sweetholidays nearing me, and am very excite to go to:

Penang (26th-30th Nov)

Pattaya/Bangkok (6-10th Dec)




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