Cher Austin.


Not just a mini, it’s austin-mini. 

This is what I see in my future. 

Others are just plain friggin’ lucky to have a mini thrown onto them, without having to even earn their first buck.

must be rich,must be rich, must be rich.

Je m’en fous!


On a side note:

These days, my mind is in a whirlpool of weirdness. I’ve been having forbidden thoughts if that’s the word to even put it. 

And it s been awhile since I woke up before 12pm on a non-school day.

I surprised myself. 

Is something looming? 



EDITED 21-03-09

'66 Morris Mini

'66 Morris Mini

picture credit to Kelvin Tan

This is (was, since it’s was put up last May) only for sale at 12k!!

It’s even in almost the right shade of rose pink that I so adore!! 

How great. 

Please, just slap me in the brain. 


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