the clock has stopped.


It’s the time of the year where I would be the first to kick start the annual springcleaning.


Yet, as usual, the mess seems to always stick around no matter how heartless I was much I threw out. Blame it on big sis’s habit of wanting to keep every nonsensical thing from neoprints (do you even remember these existed?) to some “himalayan” sand =x

So, every dusting episode of the year, there’s treasure(s) to be dug =)

This year, there’s only one to be found though:


Barbie cassette


sweet overload

Yeap, I made that for his mum as a post birthday gift. She has been so great to me =)

The earth stood still early this month and we were all suffering from bad time management (hence I’ve been flagging a cab down lately =X). So, we went Ikea to get a new clock, some storage boxes and finally a little something for that little one:


From this..(blue on left)

From this..(blue on left)

To this!

To this!

Haha, her previous home was finally threw out after being an eye sore (as she tore it down) for more than a year. She’s still better suited with cotton. 

On a random note, Mac is so well-protected that I’m starting to hate it. I cannot install microsoft office and my printer refuses to operate on it. Dammit. 

Also, bills are piling up: school, mobile, broadband…and the worst thing is, I can never pin hope on the redpacks during Cny, because I’m relative-less. 



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