Technology not-savvy.

Saturday was spent quite “meaningfully” as Charlie and I went through a series of trials and tribulations before we finally get our fabric label done: 



First we had problem with fitting new cartridges into the printer, and even resorted to reading the manual online and seeking the man of the house for help. We gave up after almost smashing the damm machine up, went out for some korean, and tried again. Ended up, it was because that dear friend of mine didn’t know the old cartridges are hidden at the corner of the printer, and assumed the empty space exposed to us was the right place to fit the cartridges. Yes, that’s her. 
Second, we did not know how to change the printer settings to reverse image option for our iron on transfer to work (which a lot of online tutorials advise us to do so). Hence, we manually flipped all our images the wrong orientation. YET, when we printed it, it came out on the RIGHT orientation! Ended up, I figured it’s because when you clicked “heat transfer paper” under paper properties, the printer automatically does the reversing for you.

We had only one pathetic piece of transfer paper (don’t ask me why we were so dumb to get only one) but luckily we managed to salvage some unprinted space and did 3 successful labels. 


Yeah, I concluded, technology is scarily intelligent nowadays.

Anyway, today’s back to school day and I was horribly drugged the whole day because yesterday’s night was burnt getting Wrinkledrose’s very first case beautifully packaged and ready for Ms. Lee =) 


wrapped with love!



Limelight snatcher.

Limelight snatcher. HEHS

Lastly, at French today: 



~ wrinkledrose


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